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Torpedo #4

torp4_detail_11I just got my copy of Torpedo #4 in the mail, the Brautigan issue – a tribute to the work of Richard Brautigan.

They accepted my poem, ‘A Timid Work Friendship’, for publication, which is an amazing compliment considering one of the people choosing poems was RB’s daughter, Ianthe, who has written a very moving piece as the introduction to the collection, a piece that makes me feel honoured to have been selected as part of this tribute to her father.

It’s a beautiful object. It came with a stack of colour postcards with artistic interpretations of the titles of RB’s work as a bonus, in this sweet little envelope printed with a golden fish that I assume is a trout (because of Trout Fishing in America, but to be honest you could slap me with a trout and I might think it was a salmon for all I know about fish).

I think being part of this amazing book is probably the proudest journal publication experience I’ve ever had. Kudos to everyone involved – the guys at Falcon vs. Monkey for coming up with the idea and seeing it through to ultimate realisation, Ianthe for giving the project her blessing, and the authors and artists for creating such amazing work. I’ve only dipped into it a little since this morning, but what I have read and looked at has been fantastic.

Needless to say you can score yourself your v. own copy of Torpedo #4 over at Falcon vs. Monkey. And for the meagre sum of 25 Australian dollars, there are very few legitimate reasons for not doing so right this minute.

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