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Jutchy Ya Ya: evil still stalks the streets

So Jutchy Ya Ya nuber thirty-eight is finally done and I don’t want to talk about how long it took. I think the wait has made it better. Well I do, okay?


I’m calling this one “the breakfast issue” because it’s mainly a bit of a thing about how being continually late for the train can mess with your breakfast needs, and how to mitigate that. There’s also pictures of Harvey Pekar and Captain America and some gratuitous Pong references (you know, the game Pong?) as well as a little bit of etymological indulgence.

Head on over to the Jutchy Ya Ya page to check it and its more recent sibling out. I’m also offering subscriptions now, the next twelve issues mailed out to you for the price of the stamps. More on that in the shop.

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