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workshop: Castlemaine State Festival

I’m doing a two-hour “make yer own zine” workshop as part of the Break Out workshop program that’s part of the Castlemaine State Festival this weekend. For those who require precision, it’s on Saturday 28 March between 11am and 1pm at the old Castlemaine Gaol, up there on the hill overlooking the ‘maine in all its glory.

The workshop is free, but you’re advised to book because places are limited. You can reserve a place for yourself by calling the Castlemaine State Festival offices on (03) 5472 3733.

I’ll be going through the basics of zinemaking and getting everyone who attends to get their hands all dirty with gluesticks, pens and newsprint as we review, rant and collage our way through a simple eight-page zine.

So if you’re in the area and at a loose end, or just driven by your passion and curiosity to dive into the world of zinemaking for yourself, there’s a lot worse you could do with yourself next Saturday arvo.

Full details of the Break Out program are on the CSF website – click on the Break Out Workshops icon to get there.

2 thoughts on “workshop: Castlemaine State Festival”

    1. Hey Nathan – I think clag is the glue of choice for eating. You never know what kind of additives they put in those gluesticks (especially those weird blue ones that dry clear…).

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