jutchy ya ya

jutchy ya ya: GALACTUS deplace a ma planete

The latest member of the Jutchy Ya Ya family entered this world at 11.49 am on 3/4/09. Father is doing well, and very proud of his 39th little offspring.


Little Jutchy weighed in at 8 pages, covering such diverse topics as setting the clock forward to trick yourself into being on time, It Couldn’t Happen Here (the Pet Shop Boys’ 1987 Arthouse movie extravaganza), discrimination in children’s author Lucy Cousins’s Maisy series, a close reading of the 1969 classic Bears on Wheels, typos on the ASIO website, and a zine review.

The new arrival can be viewed on the issuu website, or a subscription to this issue, plus the next 11 issues, can be obtained in the shop. Visitors are encouraged not to bring gifts, but zine swaps are always welcome – the family can be contacted via the comments facility available at the end of this entry.

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