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you. danced. with. mao!

David Prater’s been posting some keen new poemistry over on his blog of late, typical of the lovely playful way he very naturally allows the presence of the internet to be acknowledged without making it feel like he’s being all “see what I did there with the internet references?” or even really what the poem’s actually about.

I’ve been particularly enjoying the last three he’s posted:


my stats reveal your browsing habits & what brought you here, five seconds ago – cached like a memory of some long ago private party you never attended but heard about later

“I couldn’t agree with you, more”

I liked what you were saying before (that is, i’d like to say i agree with you all the time but as you’re wrong i just can’t

and “(On the Tomb of) Agnes Smedley”

k so you tried to teach mao to dance / & he was bad at it – but like srly: you. / danced. with. mao!

So yeah. You should totally go read them now. kthxbai!1!

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