She Likes Bees

I like bees, she says.
Me too, I say.
Is it because they talk to each other by dancing?
No, she says. It’s not that.
Is it because of their intricate social heirarchies?
No, she says. It’s not that.
Is it because they can use the sun’s position
as a basis for food source triangulation?
No, she says. It’s not that.
Is it because they can fly in defiance of the laws of aerodynamics?
No, she says. And that’s not true, anyway.
Is it the variety of species? The geometry of honeycomb?
The breathtaking logic of the von Frisch experiments?
That seventies movie starring Michael Caine?
No, she says. No. And no. And definitely not.
Then what is it that you like about bees? I ask.
I like bees, she says with a smile,
I like bees because they make flowers.


Poet. Author. Beard. Husband. Dad. Four chickens. Dog. Cat. I can sometimes fix my lawnmower.

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5 comments on “She Likes Bees
  1. Bridge says:


  2. Adam Ford says:

    why thanks bridge.

  3. themoralhighground says:

    Crumpet + butter + honey = mouthgasm.
    It is also appealing messy. That’s why I like bees.

    And honey found in Egyptian royal tombs was still edible, after 3000 years.

    What a food.

  4. […] guess I should sit down and take another look at the four poems in question (“She Likes Bees”, “After the Beep”, “untitled” and “Accidental Earthlings”) to […]

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