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From the Vault: The Thumpin’ Boyhug

Expressions of affection
between men
can be awkward.
You don’t want to give
the wrong impression.

There’s a signal
that makes it clear
what the hugger’s intentions are.
Just combine the hug
with a sturdy pat on the back.

It’s the thumpin’ boyhug.
A product of masculinity.
If there’s no thumpin’,
it means there’s somethin’
goin’ on.

Bonus extra unasked-for authorial statement:

The title of this poem came from my former housemate Marky, who was quite the adept phrase-turner (as evidenced by his talent as a songwriter). After I wrote the poem I never again got a thumpin’ boyhug from either my dad or my brother. Changing the world one hug-style-influencing poem at a time, that’s me.

5 thoughts on “From the Vault: The Thumpin’ Boyhug”

  1. I was there in that era and I too never again gave you a thumping hug! Or anyone else I really cared about. I’m a grip and hold hugger now.

    1. Well if you want to chat about it or ask me some questions you could always email me. I’m sure the address is somewhere on this blog.

      Good luck with the exam.

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