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David Byrne has a blog!

A fact that fills me with inordinate glee. Here’s a sample:

I had a dream in which I was on a tractor, lurching along, pulling a wagon that was piled with large backpacks. Along for the ride were some rather well-known German DJs, one of whom was named Luke Vibert. (Luke is a real guy, and is not German — I had been listening to a Warp Records compilation earlier in the day, so maybe that’s how he got into my dream…)

Then there was a kind of intercut scene, away from the slow tractor travel, of these DJs in a club, behind their decks and laptops on the DJ platform. Some had guitars slung around their necks (but were not playing them), shouting into a special DJ mike with their German accents, “Ve are African men!, Ve are African men!” The crowd was dancing wildly.

More here.

1 thought on “David Byrne has a blog!”

  1. Fantastic! That fills me with glee as well. He is one of the smartest and most honest writers on the business of contemporary art and the internet anywhere. Thanks for the heads up!

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