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Two blogs enter. One blog leaves.

In case you’ve been blogging under a rock for the last – oh – week or so, it behooves me to direct your attention to the current skirmish taking place in the blogosphere wherein poets Derek Motion and Nathan Curnow have challenged each other to a battle-of-the-comments.

The rules are simple: both Curnow and Motion have set up a blog post and invited comments upon that post. At the end of three weeks (ie, November 22 or thereabouts) the poet with the most comments wins, and the losing poet must abandon their blog forever.

To celebrate this unparalleled event I have commissioned my nefarious art-monkeys to work their Photoshop-fu magic in a manner that befits, and they have bettered even themselves with this, the official unofficial commemorative .jpg of the Curnow/Motion Blog Battle 2009.

(click to embiggenisate)

Who will walk away from this digital defenestration unscathed? Who will resign from the world wide web in shame? Will the ghost poetry of Curnow win the day, or will Motion’s space for typing triumph? Whose cuisine blog will reign supreme? Only YOU can decide, gentle reader.

10 thoughts on “Two blogs enter. One blog leaves.”

  1. i like that we’re not even looking at each other. instead, checking to see that the world is watching our super-powered battle.

  2. Isn’t it fun that poets fight like this. I had hoped for duelling haiku, but this is OK. The comments are fun and they are both holding up quite well. I don’t know this Derek person, but Nathan is a fine human being.
    My assessment is based mostly on what my turgid imagination has conceived based on not much at all really apart from the fact I am a woman of a certain age and Nathan is a somewhat cute looking lad of a quite different age.

    1. As I mentioned in Derek’s comments thread, i’m not a big fan of haiku battles, or renga battles or what have you. It’s very been-done-before. A LIMERICK battle, however…

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