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The Words We Found


On the way home from Castlemaine station after last night’s launch of The Words We Found, the 21st-anniversary anthology celebrating the history of Voiceworks, I shared a taxi with a woman holding an open bourbon can on her lap. She asked what I’d been up to in Melbourne, and when I told her “a book launch” she got excited and asked to see the book.

After reading the back cover blurb out loud to me and the taxi driver she told me that the only thing to do now was to get Oprah to read the book. Everything else would just fall into place after that.

Happy 21st birthday Voiceworks, and many happy returns.

2 thoughts on “The Words We Found”

  1. Unfortunately Oprah doesn’t do books written by women in her book club. Maybe Express Media made a fatal flaw in appointing a female editor, then…? :p

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