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Merry Christmas (blog war is over).

When I was five I thought when a lightsaber hit you, you turned into a blanket.

The ozpo cyberweb has spent the last three weeks on tenterhooks as it anticipated the outcome of the blog war declared between poets Nathan Curnow and Derek Motion. The stakes were high – the loser had to quit their blog – and now a winner has been declared.

It seems Wagga Wagga’s own Derek Motion has vanquished Ballarat boy Nathan Curnow in a clear-cut 86-81 victory, and now, as per the terms of engagement, Nathan’s Blog Eats Poet blog has ceased publication. Kudos to Derek and commiserations to Nathan. I’ve enjoyed both of their blogs over the last few months since I discovered them.

I’m pleased that Derek will continue to opine online as he has been doing, and my sadness at the loss of Nathan’s blog is tempered by the establishment of his new MySpace and his own admission that he was kind of planning on quitting anyway.

The only thing left to ask in the aftermath of this titanic struggle is what next? Will other po-bloggers, inspired by Motion v. Curnow, declare war on fellow poet bloggers? Will Motion’s victory inspire him to carve out more space in the ozpo landscape? Will he set his sights on annexing Curnow’s MySpace, or will Curnow enact a displaced vengeance on some other, smaller, ozpoblog? Time, my friends, as always, can only tell.

3 thoughts on “Merry Christmas (blog war is over).”

  1. goddamnit Adam. SO funny! isn’t my head on the perfect angle for his light sabre there!?

    and yes, what legacy have we left? and who does Australian literature want/need to see go head-to-head now? oh the doors we have opened… the important questions we have raised.

  2. yeah, but blogging is kinda boring now… so november. if you remember we once proposed kickboxing bouts. we have to up the ante. or jellywrestling. anything that makes poetry more loke sport is bound to attract funding…

    how about poets jumping out of a plane? each one has to write a 100 line ode before pulling the parachute cord.

  3. you got it. let’s take it to the skies Motion! I’d thrive with the pressure of a freefall-workshop! let’s make Adamson and Beveridge & Brophy and Harrison jump with us. let’s see who’s got the guts to go with the talent.

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