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The twitter fiction thing – 100 posts in 100 days

There’s this thing called One Hundred Days to Make Me a Better Person, part of the London Word Festival. The idea is that people dob themselves in to do one thing once a day for 100 days in order to improve their lives in some way.

I’ve got some residual guilt in the wake of my abject failure at NaNoWriMo last month. I wrote on four out of 30 days to produce a grand total of 2552 words, falling 47,448 words and 26 days short of the universally accepted NaNoWriMo goal. Which pretty much sucks.

So when I heard about this One Hundred Days thing I latched onto its potential for writerly redemption and signed up to create a new post for Aramis Fox, my ongoing twitter fiction (see right-hand sidebar on this blog’s front page for the latest three entries) every day between now and March 11, 2010.

As of this morning 661 people have pledged various once-every-day-for-100-days activities, including masturbating furiously,  singing on the way to work, improving their posture and making someone smile.

There are heaps of creativity-related pledges too – plays, poems, photos, songs –  and while sticking to a writing schedule might not seem to be the most obvious way to make oneself a better person, I’m generally happier when I actually meet the writing commitments I make to myself, and when I’m happier I’m nicer to everyone around me, and that’s all the justification I feel that I need.

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