the twitter novel thing

A hundy.

I missed yesterday’s post on Aramis Fox due to sick-youngest-child-induced lack of sleep, which could have been disastrous for my aforementioned one-post-a-day-for-100-days commitment as part of the 100days project, but I’m going make the case that by posting twice today I’m still on the way to 100 posts in 100 days, which is well within the intent of the project, so no biggie.

Of greater import (to my mind at least) is the fact that today’s twofer has brought the total number of posts to date to that magical one-zero-zero count that strikes such a significant chord in all manner of human endeavours, be they cricket, getting older,  magazine publishing or simply counting the years as they go by.

Which is to say I racked up my 100th twitter fiction post today and I’m kind of excited about it.

The story has progressed nicely from the first post where I had little-to-no idea about what was going on, to where I am now, with a suitably fleshed out main character, a reasonable supporting cast and a pretty good idea of where the story will take them.

I also feel like I’ve got a better idea about what’s involved in writing serialised fiction, and how to keep the story moving at the same time as keeping it open for those who come in late. Bottom line is it’s fun and creatively satisfying and I have no plans to stop writing this story any time soon.

As always, you can jump on board the story at, or have a squizz at the archives, which I’ve arranged in various sequential styles, depending on whether you want to read all posts to date as they appear on twitter, in the order they were posted, or recast in prose style.

And yes, I’m aware that the 100th of anything is an arbitrary reference point, but those two circles do look nice next to that big old stick, don’t they?

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