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Escalation (Use only as directed)

I’ve got a poem about escalators (which, incidentally is the name my eldest daughter gave to the Bratz doll she insisted we bring home from the op shop) up on qarrtsiluni as part of their Words of Power issue, accompanied by an audio recording of yours truly performing said poem.

It was inspired by this, which I spotted at the train station on the way to work one morning:

Use only as directed
Thanks to the folks at qarrtsiluni for accepting the poem, and to the delovely Klare Lanson for assistance with the recording.

5 thoughts on “Escalation (Use only as directed)”

  1. yes, i chortled at the poem. (in a good way.) the increasingly prevalent use of ‘entering into a contract’ in everyday life is weird, no? heard it on a tram a while ago, as a prerecorded message! and hey, at least connex used to have poetry on their trains! which reminds me to remind you to go to and send some poems in if you want to be read there…cheers, ol son…

  2. Yes, my escalation is my responsibility.

    Thanks for the reminder.

    I really enjoyed this poem and the image that inspired you. There is something only vaguely dangerous in escalators, this is true.

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