Dude, they totally made an anime based on the game based on Dante’s Inferno!

The bit I like the best – even better than the eviscerations and the scene where Dante slices someone’s head in two with a giant scythe – is that Dante and Beatrice have these plummy English accents, which is exactly how you’d imagine someone from 14th-Century Florence would talk.

Coming soon: Ern Malley 3000, the tale of two young soldiers who invent a giant sentient robot spaceship as part of an elaborate prank, only to have the robot run wild and trash the city of NeoMelbourne in a series of knock-down brawls with the alien entity known only as the Black Swan of Interplanetary Trespass (at one point the robot loses the ability to walk when its boot jets malfunciton and its pelvis explodes like a grenade, and it’s forced to complete the battle as a hovering torso).

Despite the two poets’ embarrassment, the resulting catastrophe is hailed by a group of controversial art critics as a spectacularĀ  example of avant-garde public performance art.

Oh and everyone speaks in a French accent.


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5 comments on ““BEATRICE! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!”
  1. N.T. says:

    Wow, looks gruesome. My favorite part of the trailer was the promise: “9 circles of Hell/ 6 internationally claimed directors.”

  2. Paul says:

    Did you see the pre-release promo for the actual game?


    If it existed I’d buy it.

  3. Adam Ford says:

    you mean the pre-release for dante’s inferno or the pre-release for the wii church game?

  4. Paul says:

    Ah – found the original site.


  5. […] Inferno!! I didn’t think it would be possible to top the histrionics of the game or the anime, but check it out – I was wrong. Six issues of hyper-abstract faux-spiritual blood and gore […]

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