Who is Behind the Fat Man in Line?

I finished another zine last week as part of the latest round of Target 168, the “make a zine in 168 hours” project that the Sticky Institute runs every so often, this time around as part of the annual Festival of the Photocopier.

Once again, being unable to attend anything at the Eff-Oh-Pee because of geographical, familial and employment considerations, I participated remotely from my laptop and knocked up a wee 12-pager (including covers) in response to the theme du jour: question cards from some random 1980s video boardgame called Commercial Crazies.

This is not Commercial Crazies. This is Race Around the Pangolin.

Said 12-pager is a zine called Who is Behind the Fat Man in Line?, which I must say I’m happier with than my last Target 168 offering, which was part of last year’s Eurovision-themed round, mainly because this second bite of the T168 cherry features a good deal less snark and a lot more robots. Back in my personal comfort zone, I am.

Who is Behind the Fat Man in Line? follows a kind of six-degrees-of-separation stream of logic, jumping from the aforementioned Commercial Crazies boardgame to a make-your-own Trevor “The Buggles” Horn paper doll  via Harvey Birdman Attorney-at-Law,1960s Japanese cartoons, the use of the name “Tobor” in popular culture, fictional boardgames and the circa-1920 Czechoslovakian origin of the word “robot”.

If that sounds like something that you’d like to read, well you can. Either contact me here (in the comments or via the about me page) to talk swappage or purchasage of a print version, or head over to the electronic (and a bit in colour) version over at issuu.com.

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