Heroes and Civilians, short stories

New book: Heroes and Civilians

Heroes and Civilians is a new collection of my short stories and short-short stories that I’ve just put together. Well, to be honest I’ve been stuffing about with it for almost a year, but I’m finally ready to put the proofreading and procrastination behind me and actually get the bugger out there.

The stories in H&C have all been published elsewhere, online and in print, but I wanted to gather them all up in one place rather than having them remain scattered to the four winds.

It’s available as a free download or online in flash-preview-turning-pages format if that’s what your tastes run to. Just head over here and make your choice.

Oh and it’s free. Pass it on. Tell your friends.

2 thoughts on “New book: Heroes and Civilians”

  1. Love it. What a huge chunk of great writing!

    Especially loved the Berenstein Bearsone. There’s a special broom cupboard in the back corner of my heart where I keep Bears in the Dark.

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