Poetry mixtape for April 2010

Being the third in a list of poems what I found in the interwebs that I think well of:

The Laugh Track of their Sloppy Fists – Sean M. Whelan

I can hear them at the front door.
They keep bangin’ at it with their sloppy fists.
I think they want something from me.
They’re like telemarketers, but with less table manners.

Sean M.’s contribution to cordite’s recent zombie-themed issue is short, wry, and to the point. It plays funny-buggers with the zombie apocalypse trope and weaves in some nice pop cultural references without veering too far down the cliched path of unoriginal observational zombie comedy.

Boxes (2) – Joanna Penn Cooper

Of these two neat little concrete poems, it’s “Boxes (2)” that grabs me more with its existentially recursive loop and evocation of those origami fortune-telling toys everyone was making back in primary school.

Before We All Hung Out in Cafes – Lynn Davidson

At primary school on the monkey bars
we’d hang, aching, from the middle rung

And speaking of primary school, here’s something else I remember from my single-digit years. These days as a dad I’m back among the play equipment and sad to say I’m no longer spry enough to even make it halfway across. I pretty much every time have to drop to the tanbark on my knees after only three rungs.

Apology + Opportunity – Gabe Durham

Have I been in love? I would hesitate and then say yes. But there is love and there is the ineffable mountain you’re scaling. To review: you two share the same favorite show, favorite movie, favorite band, favorite song, you both run track, and you both find camp a little immature.

I’m gonna nick this one from the fiction pile, totally ignoring the fact that it’s been published by a journal called NANO fiction, and claim it for the poetry team by citing the prose-poem rule because it’s got such an impeccable balance between creepy and sweetly romantic that I still don’t know which one it really is.

6 Ox Poems – Ryan Ridge

Message From Ox


I just thought this one was cute. The thought of an ox writing a mash note tickles me the right way. “Oxen” and “Ox Porn” are nice and wordplay-y too.

The Triantiwontigongolope – CJ Dennis

There’s a very funny insect that you do not often spy,
And it isn’t quite a spider, and it isn’t quite a fly;
It is something like a beetle, and a little like a bee,
But nothing like a wooly grub that climbs upon a tree.

A nice Classic OzPo note to end this mixtape on, “The Triantiwontigongolope” is one of the wonderful nonsense poems in Dennis’s A Book for Kids, which we’ve just started reading to our three-and-a-half-year-old. She’s been raised on a reading diet that includes fair-sized portions of Lear and Carroll, and Dennis’s lovely, silly, jaunty, playful poems sit perfectly alongside. Once again Mr. Dennis’s impeccable and addictive rhythms are evident.

For those who wish to know exactly what a triantiwontigongolope looks like, I would direct you to this page, in particular Ms. Meg Ellis-Drury’s colourful rendition.


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6 comments on “Poetry mixtape for April 2010
  1. Super chuffed to have made the team! Thanks Adam.

  2. Adam Ford says:

    your presence on a mixtape was inevitable, methinks, sean. zombies and seinfeld – how can you go wrong?

  3. Gabe Durham says:

    Likewise chuffin, Adam. Thanks for posting!

  4. Joanna Cooper says:

    Speaking of poetry boxes . . . thank you for posting mine, as well!

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Quelle Grammage!
only a fan of 2/3s of the folk in this pic but mesmerised by the story @angustrumble relates below it. . . . I watched last evening’s general election coverage (ABC, natch) in the company of a high Commonwealth official, among others in an undisclosed location, whose name, it soon emerged, may not appear on the electoral roll for reasons of national security. I confess that gave me a bit of a thrill. Canberra: Bless! However, it was also fascinating, extraordinary, in due course to witness that person’s several mobile phones evidently going bonkers, and the measured plans, contingencies, forecasts, blue books of an entire federal bureaucracy duly (one presumed) shredded, turned upside down, just like that. Nothing at all was said, I should emphasise. One simply observed the body language, which was moderately graphic. Whichever way you look at it, this has been an astounding personal victory for Prime Minister Scott Morrison. He believes in miracles, the sexy thing. Pre-polling methodologies in this country, meanwhile, have quite obviously met with serial unforced error on a colossal, epic scale. Who would ever pay them good money again? On my way home, I collided with the (ex-)campaign manager of one of the independent ACT Senate candidates who was alone, drunk and in despair. The campaign manager, that is, not the candidate. This was at about half past eleven on the corner of Jardine and Eyre Streets in Kingston, right next to the rubbish tin, you know, the rectangular green one. He told me he wanted to burn everything down, which was worrying enough, but then he suddenly hurled his mobile phone into the gutter—smashed it to bits—and staggered off into the night. I found myself wondering: Who would touch politics with a barge pole? I should add that this frightening encounter left me, literally, picking up his bits and bobs, then dutifully popping them in the bin. Responsible, me. Back home, I had a cuppa and played patience. I’m not kidding. . . . #Repost @angustrumble with @make_repost
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