Heroes and Civilians, i would like to recommend these people's writing, people who are nice enough to publish me

Published for a Day

Just quickly then. Wordriot has uploaded links to over 60 free downloadable short story collections and novels as part of their Published for a Day project. So if you’re reading this before midnight on 7 June 2010, US Eastern Standard Time (give or take), then follow that there link and get downloading.

And yes, I mention this because Heroes and Civilians is among the assembled throng of words and such. But not only because of that. My recomendation would be to start with everyone else’s books. Mine you already know where to get. (hint: you can get it here).

You still here?

EDIT: So I downloaded 16 manuscripts before I got download fatigue, but I’m pretty keen to get started what I’ve got, including J. Ryan Stradal’s The Incapables, about a found poetry competition and the poets who try to have their poetry found; Dawn Corrigan’s The Power of a Little Green Mask, about two kids who pretend to be superheroes; Ron Singer’s Out of the Office Until… about things going wrong at work; and Tyler Stoddard Smith’s Rap Battles with Emily Dickinson because it’s called Rap Battles with Emily Dickinson.

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