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Published: Salt

I have a poem in the current issue of Overland, which is the one-hundred-and-ninety-ninth issue of that venerable journal of Australian letters.

It’s a poem about salinity, as you might have guessed from the title (I had fun working the phrase “magnesium sulfate” in there), inspired by listening to the John Kinsella interview that featured in one of Poetica’s “Pod of Poets” podcast series, in which JK takes the interviewer for a walk around his family’s land and talks at length about the damage that European farming has caused. In a nice bit of serendipity Mr. K has also got a poem in this issue, as have Josephine Rowe, πo and Derek Motion (among others).

They’re gradually putting bits and pieces from the issue up on their website, so stay tuned maybe? Or buy the damn thing already.

In the meantime there are some excellent excerpts already available for perusal, including Cate Kennedy’s thoughtful essay on why she has made the deliberate choice as a writer to neither blog nor tweet nor book her face, and Derek Motion’s “forest hill”, the winning poem from the 2009 Judith Wright Poetry Prize.

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