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Gig: Poetry & science

Couple of weeks ago I had dinner with a bunch of poets and rocket scientists, which was a brainstorming session for the upcoming Poetry and Science reading that the Australian Poetry Centre are running as part of their National Science Week program.

Highlights of the evening included a delicious chocolate custard tart, an animated discussion about a series of experiments that are happening at Melbourne Zoo to find out how bees respond to microgravity and artificial horizons, and the presence of an ACTUAL FREAKIN’ ROCKET IN THE LOUNGEROOM.

It was a sweet surprise for all attending, and I was lucky enough to be asked to help screw the tail section in place. But first…

Well, wouldn’t you?

Said rocket will be attending the aforementioned gig as part of the science side of the equation, as will the lovley Anne Brumfitt, architect of the education program at the European Space Agency, and the fascinating Lachlan Thompson, Associate Professor from the Department of Aerospace Engineering at RMIT.

Team poetry will be represented by yours truly, accompanied by the stellar talents of the inimitable alicia sometimes and the indefatigable Lisa Gorton.

So yeah, poetry, rockets and spacey slideshows will abound. It’s all on at 7pm, Wednesday August 18 at the Croft Institute, Melbourne’s own hipper-than-thou nightclub hiding at the end of an alley at the end of an alley in the CBD (technically it’s 21 Croft Alley, but you’re better off Googling the bugger if you don’t already know where it is), and it’ll set you back ten bucks.

Full details, as seems to be the case more and more these days, are on Facebook, or at the APC website. Or this poster here.

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