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My words, their voices: I Must Destroy the Space-Whale

If you ever wanted to know what my poetry sounds like when it’s read out loud by an English woman with a very BBC-voiceoveresque voice-type-voice – like I always have – then boy are you (and I, I guess) in luck!

Nic Sebastian is an English poet who’s been tracking down poems online and reading them into her computer and then publishing them all on the wonderful poetic cornucopia that is Whale Sound. I came across WS a while ago and had a squizz at their archives, and in doing so came across her submissions policy, which enticed me to see if she’d be willing to read a couple of mine out loud.

Naturally  “I Must Destroy the Space Whale” was among the poems I sent, and in hindsight I shouldn’t have been surprised that she picked it, what with the whale sympatico thing and all.

Gotta tell ya, she nailed it. Gave it the gravitas I always intended it to have while maintaining a subtle comical lilt that I always hoped the scenario implied.

Nic posts a new reading almost daily on Whale Sound, so if your ears are lacking poetry, well, this could be exactly what you’re looking for. And if you’re a poet yourself you should get on the email and see if she won’t give your words the delightful Whale Sound treatment too.

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