but enough about me - what do YOU think of me?, i would like to recommend these people's writing, reviews, The Third Fruit is a Bird

Reviewed: The Third Fruit is a Bird @ Grace Notes

Gem from Grace Notes said some lovely things about The Third Fruit is a Bird. I was well chuffed so I thought I’d link to her excellent blog. Thanks, Gem!

You should read other blog posts at Grace Notes too. They’re very good. Lots of smart, bite-sized book reviews (and no I’m not saying they’re smart because she liked my book – you wound me). Also very good is her food blogging at (live, love) eat, drink, stagger – I’m v. excited by her recent posting of a cauliflower cake recipe that I shall cook as soon as we have a working oven once again (long story).

4 thoughts on “Reviewed: The Third Fruit is a Bird @ Grace Notes”

  1. Hey Adam! Glad you enjoyed the review – I was so sad when I finished your lovely little chapbook and it’s also inspired me lots with my own poetry.

    Let me know how you go with the cauli cake – become a bit of a family fave round my parts and that’s even with living with a rabid carnivore.

    Pretty stoked to be mentioned by a real poet! Thanks for the bloggerific love :)

    1. Oh and feel free to e-mail me on gem @ eatdrinkstagger dot com – just read the comment you left on my blog – will look into fixing my comment form, sorry about its brokenness!

  2. Well, anything I can do to inspire… my mother used to say that the bloggerific love you get is the bloggerific love you earn, so you’re more than welcome. thanks again for the lovely words.

    1. Oh, I forgot to say, feel free to contact me on the e-mail address given as I so want my chapbook signed :D I’m thinking of buying a copy for my writerly friend too!

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