Heroes and Civilians, Published work, short stories

How do you actually spell “ebook”, anyway?

Is it hyphenated or intercapped or all-one-word-lower-case or what?

Anyway I’ve got one. An ebook. I used the delightful expertise of the folks over at smashwords to render Heroes and Civilians, my creative commons free-to-download short story collection, into formats that might be read by various electronic devices.

It was a very straightforward experience indeed, one that I would recommend to other authors who’re interested in the whole making of ebooks thing. Thanks to Zoe from Sleepers Publishing for recommending Smashwords, by the way.

I’m looking into doing a similar thing with my poetry books, but from what I’ve read about the subject, it seems like getting poetry, with its very fixed ideas about where a line should end, and ebooks, with their reckless abandon when it comes to ending a line pretty much anywhere depending on the size of your reader’s screen, have a few things to work out before an effective approach can be developed.

Now those of you that have been hankering for a copy of Heroes and Civilians to read on your gadgets can partake in its cavalcade of musings about the inner lives of astronauts, imaginary friends, superheroes, robots and unicycle-riding bears.

Just head over to Smashwords and download the format that you desire, then sit back and read it at your own pace on whichever is your preferred mode of public transport. And feel free to write a review if you’re the kind of person who does that sort of thing. Or even if you aren’t – you never know, you might surprise yourself.

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