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Tom Gauld has a flickr!

Tom Gauld has a flickr. It is lovely. It syndicates the strips that he publishes in The Guardian. It’s one of those excellent archives of clever comicky goodness that can easily take up an entire afternoon as you read just one more and then just one more and then you’re at the very first one and clicking refresh on the homepage every couple of hours to see if a new one comes up, totally ignoring the fact that the strips appear in the Saturday Review letters page and it’s only Wednesday.

He does a good line in anthropomorphisation, even when it’s just speech bubbles hanging above rocks, but I think my favourite stuff is the abstract silhouette work like the strip above. The way the characters’ heads hover above their necks instead of attaching, the incomplete blacking-in of the silhouettes, and the simple details that establish character, like top hats, astronaut helmets and ponytails, are elegantly executed have a simultaneous simplicity and complexity (check out the three little tears that Lucy is crying in panel one above – exquisite!).

Tom has a website too, with more of his illustration work on display, as well as books and prints for sale. You know you want to.

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