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Jutchy Ya Ya: The Brain of a Robot

So at the start of the year I says to myself, I says, Adam, I says, why not aim to make up for the relative paucity of Jutchy Ya Ya production over the last few years, I says, why not make up for it by committing, I says, to making one issue a month? I mean, I says to myself, that’s not too much to ask is it? I says, one eight-page zine a month? I says, that’s two pages a week, how hard could that be? I says. That’s not a bad idea, I says, I might just do that and all, I says. Two pages? Sorted.

Come April and I’ve done two issues. The more mathematically minded among you have already done the calculations and are now shaking your heads at my inability to meet such a seemingly simple and straightforward goal.

The more charitable among you will murmur something kind about prolific zine production being the province of twentysomething unmarried childless freelancers and point out the difficulty that late-thirtysomething mortgagee public servants with two children under five have in finding time to dedicate to creative pursuits.

For which I thank you from the bottom of my heart, and in gratitude dedicate Jutchy Ya Ya #43, its stories about people I have met online who apparently lied to me about inventing action figures I loved as a child, its excerpting of bureaucratic guidelines re: arts funding and creative writing, and its photos of strange public art, to you.

As always, an online version of Jutchy Ya Ya #43 is available to read or download at issuu.com, or you can check out the JYY listing in the shop to find out how to get a print copy of your own. Options abound, from checking out zine distros that stock JYY to sending stamps or even taking out a 12-issue subscription.

Let’s see if we can’t pick up the pace as we head into mid-2011, and pick up the slack left by those two non-zinemaking months, shall we? All I’d have to do is just make three issues this month and we’d be square. How hard could it be?

3 thoughts on “Jutchy Ya Ya: The Brain of a Robot”

    1. Hey Peter! You know I wondered how long it would take for you to find this little anecdotal zine. Hope you don’t mind my flights of fancy – no harm intended.

      I wonder what the competition was that you won? The guy from Mattel was very definite in his answer.

      If you ever feel like answering that second bunch of questions that I sent you I’d be happy to put the answers in a future issue of the zine. There’s been movement on the create-a-character-competition front in other ways. Mattel have announced that they’re finally releasing a toy based on the winning design from that old competition (check out this discussion forum for photos &c)

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