Things people have done to my writing:

  • Set an entire short story in italics
  • Awarded me a $100 book voucher for winning the judge’s choice award at the same time as giving $500 to a random person who voted in the people’s choice award
  • Left a 3cm-wide blank space between the first three panels of a comic and the rest of it, while also giving the comic two titles, each at right-angles to the other
  • Invited me to submit, failed to send a rejection letter, ignored all subsequent email inquiries, but still sent an invitation to the launch
  • Added the word “with” to a poem, changing its meaning entirely
  • Agreed to illustrate a comic script and then disappeared
  • Added an epigram

Things I have done to people’s writing:

  • Changed the spelling of “trouper” to “trooper” out of ignorance
  • Upset them so much with my intended-as-kooky-fun rejection letter that they reported me to their State Literature Officer
  • Missed the “1” that the character-recognition software added to the word “R1cki”
  • Published an in-hindsight-illegible handwritten version of their interview answers
  • Allowed organisational bureaucracy to post-hoc gut or remove articles entirely
  • Arbitrarily rewritten the first sentence of every consecutive paragraph in order to spell out a secret message to myself

Poet. Author. Beard. Husband. Dad. Four chickens. Dog. Cat. I can sometimes fix my lawnmower.

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I'm a dad and the author of the poetry collections The Third Fruit is a Bird and Not Quite the Man for the Job, the novel Man Bites Dog and the short story collection Heroes and Civilians.
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Quelle Grammage!
When I was a younger fella i put lots of swears in me poems... the lovely @benjamindodds scored some anticlinal poetry in the post this week. and so could you if you have a desire for geological poetry zines. just @ me and the magic will happen! "As part of the Warlords of Wor 5th Anniversary Collection, here comes ROCK GOLEM BOG-NAR! With his new IMPENETRABLE GREY GOLEM ARMOUR in place, thanks to his SUPERCHARGED EMERALD SWAMP-SPEAR, the malevolent muck-menace swirls his FOUR-BOULDER BOLO FIST overhead as he commands the very rocks and stones of the planet Wor to go forth and conquer!" #warlordsofwor #bognar "Just in time for the 5th anniversary of Warlords of Wor, here comes CLASSIC SWAMP ATTACK BOG-NAR! With his FOUR-FISTED SLIMEPACK mounted on his back and his MYSTICAL MUCK-SPEAR, the King of All Bogs has never been a more ominous opponent!"
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