new poems


Malakh lands himself in trouble.
Abdiel acts indifferently during a movie date with Gabriel.
Metatron defends Sachiel’s decision to breastfeed in public.
Uriel promises to watch Arariel in the sprint race.

Urania is desperate to fall pregnant.
Sachiel discovers that she cannot access Metatron’s money.
Raphael apologises to Zurchol for his accusations.
With no money and no job, Zephon is desperate.

Hashmallim declares war on Abdiel.
Adonai is not happy being tutored by his girlfriend.
Michael helps Uzziel to become comfortable with her sexuality.
Sachiel decides to take Metatron home for good.

Gabriel humiliates Urania.
Zephon frantically works on her typing skills.
Sandalphon suspects Gabriel likes Duma more than she likes him.
Metatron’s first day at home is a difficult one.

Gabriel finally talks to his dream girl.
Uriel discovers a disappointing truth about Abdiel.
Sachiel struggles to adjust, but stands by Metatron.
Zephon continues to fool Ithuriel.

Ophaniel forges Metatron’s signature.
Abdiel tells Adonai that her father is using him.
Sandalphon is shocked when Urania is wheeled into intensive care.
Gabriel discovers that his dream girl is a hippie.

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