Life Kills is very good and very funny

But I would say that, wouldn’t I? Because I’ve got a blurb in that very book attesting as much. Although to be honest, that’s kind of circular logic, isn’t it? I would say that it’s good because I’ve already said it’s good. Which prompts the question: why would I say that?

Simply: because it is. It’s pseudonymic author Miles Vertigan’s debut novel about a terrorist-for-hire hired to blow up a plane full of B-list celebrities, the psychosexual interplay between said plane’s pilots and cabin crew, and the increasingly superficial popcult world we all live in. It’s dark, sharp, funny and, like all good satire, so true it makes your jaw drop.

Oh, what am I doing? Here I am, fumbling for words to describe M. Vertigan’s book when I already have some here that I prepared earlier. To whit:

“Life Kills is social satire turned up to eleven, the bastard offspring of Ben Elton and This Is Serious Mum. Vertigan takes his hypervitriolic milk-thru-the-nose wit in hand and runs full tilt at a darkly surreal yet convincing existential caricature of the follies of self-absorbed contemporary consumer society, skewering them neatly on his perfectly balanced page-long compound adjectival sentences to devastating, jaw-dropping, giggle-inducing, read-it-aloud-to-whoever-is-in-earshot effect.”

That’s what I said about the book, and you can find those words on the pages of the book itself, as well as all of Miles’s fine words too, which, let’s face it, are so much better than the ones I just used to describe how good Life Kills is.

You can find excerpts, blogs and links to ebook purchase-points to assuage your inevitable and insatiable post-perusal need for your own copy of Life Kills over at

But then, I would say that, wouldn’t I?


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