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Going Down Swinging has a blog!

The lovely people at Going Down Swinging launched their new whiz-bang website a couple of weeks back. It’s the latest electronic incarnation of the beast first set up way back in the early ’00s, and it features a bunch of up-to-the-minute webby things like audio and video archives, a comprehensive overview of the entire back catalogue to date, a keeping-up-with-the-latest news section, an events guide, and the very first official Going Down Swinging blog, the responsively titled “The Blue Corner”.

(As a quick aside can I just say I’m loving the way some of the new crop of journal-related blogs are riffing off of their parental titles? Going Down Swinging begets “The Blue Corner”, cordite begets “guncotton” and Island begets “Islet”. It’s cute, is what I’m saying.)

I’m pleased to say that I’ve been invited to be a regular contributor to The Blue Corner, and my first bit is up there right now. It’s called “The Art of Rejection”. It’s a rumination on my time as editor of Going Down Swinging, specifically about the way that I and my co-editors approached the process of rejecting people’s writing – a topic regular readers will know is something I’m kind of intrigued by.

There’s some other choice stuff on the blog right now too, including some excellent insider stories from GDS founders Kevin Brophy and Myron Lysenko, as well as creative and nonfic posts from the likes of Emilie Zoey Baker, Pat Grant, Briohny Doyle and, as they say in the classics, many more.

Go. Read. Etc.

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