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Jutchy Ya Ya: Lorem Ipsum, Hats & Howard Jones

Here’s a couple of more-recent-than-the-ones-preceding-them issues of Jutchy Ya Ya for your perusal. Those newer to this blog might not have encountered one of these yet, so as they say in the Phantom comics: for those who came in late…

Jutchy Ya Ya is the irregular 8-page zine I’ve been doing on and off for the last (*gasp*) twelve years wherein I take the opportunity to fill said 8 pages with whatever takes my fancy at as quick-sticks a rate as I can manage. Back in the day that translated to a good way to spend a hungover Sunday afternoon, but these days it’s more about short snatches of time on intercity public transport.

Either way they seem to get done eventually, at which point I hand them out for free, leave them lying in public spaces for the curious to take home or the custodial staff to recycle, and upload them to the interwebs for downloadimation.

The latest two Jutchies to emerge from their hiding spot are issues 44 and 46 (yeah there’s a story behind that but I’ll save it for later), affectionately known around these parts as “the Lorem Ipsum one” and the “hats and Howard Jones” one.

The former is an exploration of the multiple applications of everyone’s favourite dummy text for layout testing, applying it to everything from comics to SMSes. You can read it online for yourself right here at issuu.com, or download a .pdf for reading on your offline technology of choice by clicking on the pic below.

[click for downloadification]
The latter features a personal essay about my late-in-life aquisition of the proclivity to wear hats upon my head, more photos of myself than I’ve run in one of my own zines for some time, some tips on hat etiquette and a quiz testing said tips, counterpointed with a small celebration of a Howard Jones gig I went to recently. You can read it online for yourself right hereat issuu.com, or download a .pdf by clicking on the pic below.

[click to downloadicise]
There’s also a physical iteration of these suckers, which you will soon be able to chase down at Melbourne’s Sticky, Adelaide’s Format or Castlemaine’s Railway Station. Or if you ask nicely in the comments I’ll send you one in the post.

And if all that does is whet your appetite for more rambly 8-page zines, have we got a surprise for you! Bazillions more Jutchy back issues can be found elswhere on this site, but I’m not saying where (oh, okay they’re here).

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