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Rejected: robots, slams, questions, my daughter, beeps, cowboys, zombies, sorrow, &c, &c


cordite‘s Interlocutor issue rejected that old untitled “you start to ask a question…” thing, as well as “Again!” and “After the Beep”, which I thought all suited the theme quite nicely, but there you go. I swear I’m going to get these fuckers published by someone if it kills me.

Creative Nonfiction rejected (by implication) two submissions to their Australian blogging issue, one about toy robots and one about poetry slams, as in they sent me an email asking me to come to the launch of the issue that I’d submitted to, and then when I told them I assumed I wasn’t in the issue since it had been published and I hadn’t heard from them they said they “did make a final decision re: the blogs” and then went on to talk about how they were holding off doing any publicity until the journal’s official launch in the US, which I have no idea why that is relevant to not sending out rejection letters before the journal got published. The editor continued by promising a forthcoming final announcement about the selection and an email response, neither of which has eventuated.

On Wednesday night I came around about 14th out of 20 in the 2012 Castlemaine heat of the Australian Poetry Slam, well short of my 2nd place in last year’s heat, but not dissimilar to my placing in the actual 2012 Victorian final. Which isn’t a rejection per se, and I had a great night and saw some cool poets and was really happy with the piece I performed and how I performed it, but it seemed appropriate to add it to this litany of not winning all the same.

And then, yesterday, the New Yorker promptly, briefly and professionally rejected two poems: “The Sorrow Coefficient” and “Hindsight”, once again fulfilling their own 90-day-response promise. Journal and magazine editors, take note.

Long-time readers might be interested to know that I’m still waiting to hear from Islet about whether or not they want “Lord Melbourne’s Triumph”, which I submitted to Island in NOVEMBER LAST YEAR and which they handpassed to Islet in July.

I’m tired.

1 thought on “Rejected: robots, slams, questions, my daughter, beeps, cowboys, zombies, sorrow, &c, &c”

  1. Wow, Adam, that’s some impressive stuff from the New Yorker, love a publication with that kinda turnaround. The Creative Nonfiction response is odd – I’ve had a few of them over the years, always amusing in an annoying kinda way.

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