people who are nice enough to publish me, short stories

Published: Happy Anniversary


I have a short story in the July issue of Desktop, the “Other Worlds” issue.

It’s a mildly speculative story about a boy delivering a mash note to his girlfriend using a home-made drone, social media and a series of hacks into localised media like ticket machines and electronic T-shirts.

The gist is that he’s set up a little one-page site with a love poem on it and he’s trying to get the URL to her so that she can read the poem.

Heath Killen, editor at Desktop, was great fun to work with, even coming on board and indulging my meta when I suggested that it might be fun to actually make the one-page site for real  (well, they did – the site’s not there anymore but Google, good old reliable Google, cached it so that’s what I’m linking to now).

The July issue is out now, so if you like a bit of speculative romantic comedy with your graphic design commentary and celebration, you could certainly do worse than asking for it by name at your local newsagent or bookstore of distinction.

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