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In Which I Express Some Opinions About Doctor Who

I’ve been doing a bit of Doctor-Who-related stuff of late, as part of the celebrations around the 50th anniversary of the show. Last night I hosted Night of the Doctor at Castlemaine library, a kind of talk show/showcase event that was just a whole lot of Who-lovin’ and wonderful to be part of.

At the end of the night I sat down with ABC Open Central Victoria’s Larissa Romensky to talk about Doctor Who for Breakfast with Jonathan Ridnell. Of course I was a little too busy this morning when it was broadcast at 6.40am – what with making toast and nagging small people to put their shoes on and brush their teeth – but Larissa was nice enough to send me the interview, so here it is for all of you to ignore or enjoy as you see fit.

Larissa started by asking me how I got into the show in the first place…

Being interviewed about my opinions on Doctor Who so that those opinions can be broadcast on the radio for random strangers to listen to is kind of one of those dreams come true that I never even knew was a dream. Which is nice.

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