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Jutchy Ya Ya: On an As-Is Basis

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Jutchy Ya Ya
#47 is the forty-fourth-or-thereabouts issue of my occasional (and also free) zine, which I have been making since the turn of the century at ever-greater intervals. Sometimes I deliberately work toward a theme when I sit down to make a Jutchy Ya Ya, and sometimes a theme tends to present itself after the fact. This time around I’ve detected a slight theme relating to fine print/disclaimers/terms of usage, but also quite a bit of stuff about narwhals. So yeah, if you like the sound of:

  • Random facts about narwhals
  • Me talking about the time I interviewed Tori Amos
  • An email exchange I had with Cory Doctorow about the efficacy of ethically based boycotts
  • Random facts about pangolins
  • Cartoons of Narwhals and Pangolins wearing boxing gloves
  • ¬†Reading fine print

This zine could be the one for you.

You can download or screen-read Jutchy Ya Ya #47 at issuu or on Scribd, or if you want one made of actual paper you can contact me at adamatsya [narwhal] gmail {pangolin} com or pay a visit to either ye olde Sticky Zine Store in Melbourne or yon venerable Format Zine Shop in Adelaide. If you’re in the Castlemaine area you might also keep an eye out for it at Castlemaine Railway Station or Wesley Hill Market.

Oh and ta muchly for checking it out. Hope you like it.

4 thoughts on “Jutchy Ya Ya: On an As-Is Basis”

  1. Adam. I used to borrow and re-borrow your book ‘not quite the man for the job’ in high school…I’m 29 now *sigh*
    It was in my dream last night! I forgot your first name…and the name of the book, but I remembered what it looked like so I’ve spent the better part of today googling every ‘Ford poet’…(cheers for the rather generic surname btw)
    Is there a way to get any of your work in print?

    1. Welcome, Bethany! Glad to hear that the money I spent on dream-penetration ads is well spent. Apologies for the generic surname – I’ll have a word to my nana about that.

      Re: books in print, the only thing that IS in print is The Third Fruit is a Bird, which you can buy from me on the Third Fruit is a Bird page on this site. Everything else is available, but only in ebook format – check the sidebar for details on getting my ebooks.

      Thanks heaps!

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