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The Best Possible Follow-up to That Blog I Wrote About That Poem I Wrote

The one I rambled about here? I got an email over the weekend from Australian Poetry Journal asking for a bio to go with the poem because they want to publish it in (I think) the July issue of APJ. Which is really unexpected, given my track record in recent years for successful poetry submissions, but hey four days is definitely less than ninety, so that’s pretty nice.

Of course the irrational lizard part of my brain is now determined to test the association between that blog post and this quick turnaround, and it’ll be hard hard hard not to post another snarky blog about how long it takes to hear back about submissions the next time I send anything out into the scary big world of journals.

Anyway, gettin’ published: yay.

5 thoughts on “The Best Possible Follow-up to That Blog I Wrote About That Poem I Wrote”

  1. I submitted to them yesterday. Hope I’m as successful as you were and hear back as quickly!


      1. It is indeed a nice feeling. Let’s hope it’s a trend in journal editing. I submitted to Mascara a couple of weeks back and had a poem accepted within about a week. It’s very good PR, I must say.

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