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Published: Who’s Looking Out for Male Writers?

I have a polemic on the Overland blog today, about my incredulity with respect to a forthcoming all-men anthology from Black Inc. It’s called Where There’s Smoke. Here’s a bit of what I say in said polemic:

The single worst way to follow up an anthology celebrating the cream of Australia’s women writers is to turn right around and publish an all-men book less than six months later. Why would anyone even do that? Is it some kind of attempt to ‘balance things out’ – to make sure that in all the focussing on women’s writing we don’t overlook men’s writing?

The rest of it is here.

1 thought on “Published: Who’s Looking Out for Male Writers?”

  1. ..and I liked it very much. A strange response from the publisher, I thought. But we live in a strange world these days where ‘balance’ is seriously unbalanced (think ABC furore, migration to Australia by those who need to come vs those who choose to come, and the whole shebang we call federal parliament), where women are worse off than they were in 1983 when equal pay was first introduced and we have a ‘war on terror’ because NO Australians have been killed, but no ‘war on DV’ even though 40 women have been killed in Australia so far this year.

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