And Lo! There Shall Come a Newsletter

I’m switching things around a bit and putting this blog to bed. Blogging has long ceased to be the central point of online communication. I hung in there and kept on blogging well past the point where it became clear that people were more comfortable aggregating themselves across the web instead of setting up a single home base as a central repository of all their online engagements, mainly because I still remember the transition from “home page” to “blog” as something exciting, but also maybe because I have so many fond memories of reading so many excellent blogs over the years.

But now it’s time to wind things up and try something different. As an old fart in internet years, I’ve been delighted by the recent rise in email newsletters. In some ways the way that newsletters work is the way that blogs used to. I don’t know if it’s the fact that newsletters are much more of a deliberate opt-in thing as opposed to the random short-term encounter thing that social media and listicle sites seem to be, which may incline those who DO opt in to read a little more intently and tolerate something not particularly written in a “what do I get out of this?” kind of way.

I’ve also felt that of late the focus of this blog has been quite scattered, and it’s not really realistic to expect my blog’s audience to be equally as rapt with my poetry and writerly life pontifications as my comics and action figure musings and my random whatevers.

So from today if you want to find out what I’m up to poetry-and-other-writing-but-probably-mainly-poetrywise, you’ll need to sign up for Adam’s Occasional Poetry News. You’ll get one email a month, much like this one here.

Those of you who hanker for yet another online dose of random pop culture commentary, general silliness and supposedly wry and insightful life observations can always follow me on twitter or instagram.

This website will stick around, featuring samples of my past writing and books, and any updates that might be necessitated by the hopeful future publication of even more books, fingers crossed.

Thanks to everyone who’s helped out with the blog to date by reading it, doing things that excited me enough to write about them, agreeing to be interviewed and leaving lovely comments. Hopefully I’ll see you in your inbox sometime soon.

2 thoughts on “And Lo! There Shall Come a Newsletter”

  1. Dear Adam

    I signed up for Adam’s Occasional Poetry News in January. When is it going to arrive?


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