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I’ve had three poetry collections published. They’re called The Third Fruit is a Bird, Not Quite the Man for the Job and From My Head. I’ve also had one novel published. It’s called Man Bites Dog. I have a short story collection too. It’s called Heroes and Civilians. I’ve also made a bunch of zines and comics.

My poems have been published in places like Asimov’s Science Fiction, Strange Horizons, FreezeRay Poetry, Aurealis, Best Australian Poems, Overland, cordite, Going Down Swinging, Meanjin, elimae, Torpedo, The Sleepers Anthology, one thousand ridiculous tragedies, pindeldyboz, hutt and the Age.

I’ve performed my poetry all over Australia (and once or twice in New York City), including schools, festivals, museums, galleries, cafes, pubs, loungerooms and on public transport.

I’ve been editor of journals including Going Down Swinging, overland express, Voiceworks, &, moments and the zine anthology Chimp Frenzy.

I’ve taught workshops and short courses for universities, secondary schools, libraries and city councils across Australia on topics like poetry, zine-making, music journalism and how to scam free stuff.

I am not:

  • a sales representative at Cambridge University Press
  • the star of a best-selling series of Swiss ball fitness videos
  • the host of ABC TV’s Who’s Been Sleeping In My House?
  • a small town in Missouri, USA
  • a Zimbabwean radio announcer
  • the author of The Cuckoo Plant or Spaceship Earth
  • the author of “Diet and body size of North American mammal road mortalities.” (Transportation Research Part D, v.12, no.7, 2007).

I am, however:

If you would like to book me for a performance or workshop, schools and libraries should contact Booked Out Speakers Agency. Other people can contact me via adamford {escargot} iinet {and a dot} net {and another dot} au, or the reply form at the bottom of this page.

23 comments on “About me
  1. NigePresto says:

    Hey Ads,

    It might be kinda cool to be a Sales Rep at Cambridge Uni Press, though. Like I imagine they’d be in a good position to read plenty of books!

    Hope you’re doing well – I think I found you through @ddonahoo on Twitter.

  2. Phil says:

    So you’re not Adam Ford, Commissioning Editor, RMIT Publishing?

    It would be fun if you were.

    • Adam Ford says:

      hey phil!

      i didn’t know there WAS one of those – maybe Cambridge Adam Ford has jumped ship. I’m also not Adam Ford, Ned Kelly archaeologist. They keep popping up all over the place.

  3. lisa says:

    Hmm, just had a surreal moment – I know a sales rep at Cambridge but he is not an Adam Ford, unless he has assumed an alias.

    Also, am trying to get in touch with you to discuss your illustrious time at Voiceworks. Would love it if you emailed me.

  4. Ariel says:

    The RMIT Adam Ford is in fact the Cambridge Adam Ford, who has indeed jumped ship.

    • Adam Ford says:

      I like how this has become a kind of “What Adam Ford is THAT?” discussion – anyone else have any Adam Ford sightings in the wild that they want to share?

  5. […] that you’d like to read, well you can. Either contact me here (in the comments or via the about me page) to talk swappage or purchasage of a print version, or head over to the electronic (and a bit […]

  6. Ceri says:

    Hi Adam,
    Just wondering if you have a Facebook fan page?
    By the way, Not Quite The Man For The Job is one of my favourite books ever.
    Don’t tell my Dad, he’s a poet too and he’d be pissed off.
    Sorry for the overly Gen-Y post.

    • Adam Ford says:

      Hey Ceri

      I don’t have a Facebook fan page, no. For some reason I drew the line at that particular aspect of self-promotion. Maybe I was just scared nobody would be a fan? I have a twitter account if that’s any use to you… There’s a link to it on the homepage.

      What’s your dad’s name?

  7. megs says:

    hey adam!
    Stoked that i have found this blog!
    I read not quite the man for the job about 12 years ago. It was in our school library, tried to order it back then, but was told it was out of print. So i photo copied the book, still have those pages.
    Love your work :)

  8. Adam, Thanks for the talk yesterday, inspiring, straight-up,confident but not cocky, proud but not egodriven–I’ll keep in touch–Geoffrey

  9. Sadhu Seva says:

    i looked you up and found this blog after i noticed you are doing a workshop next week which i hope to attend. i was really surprised to see that you wrote ‘Man Bites Dog’. i was not surprised because i doubted your capability of writing such a book, because you wrote it, just surprised because i remember when it came out.
    although i didn’t read the book at the time, i did however know someone named Adam and i also drove a Ford… looking forward to the workshop.

  10. Hello Adam,

    Varuna the Writers’ Centre would like to know if you are the same Adam Ford who received Varuna Fellowships in 2000 and 2001?

  11. bricemai says:

    Mr. Adam Ford. I am so glad I found your blog. There’s a local bookstore here in Denver, Colorado that has a copy of Not Quite the Man for the Job. It’s been there for a year and a half because it’s $39 and I can’t afford that but I got to that bookstore time and again to read your stuff! Absolutely love it. So happy to be following you and all the best. -Brice

    • Adam Ford says:

      Hi Brice. 39! Steep! I just came across one for 4 bucks in a shop near my work but that isn’t much help to you. There will be an ebook version soon though – I’m just finalising some boring coding stuff and it’ll be out any day now. Promise!

  12. Genevieve Tucker (@mulberry_road) says:

    Hi Adam, thanks for the follow on Twitter and I will follow you back (or am I already following and you are being polite? if so, much thanks.)
    After seeing all these raves about Not Quite The Man For The Job I had better track it down I think.
    And I think you are the only Adam Ford I’ve heard of. Just so you know :DD

  13. Henry says:

    Just read your article Zoning Out.As well as being funny and entertaining it takes a realistic view of writing and rejection, and as for those empty affirmations…does anyone truly believe them after encountering rejection, multiple ones that is? Writing outside your comfort zone is an interesting idea, assuming everyone has a clear idea of where the fall-off is on their bed of roses. I tried to find mine by posting a bad drawing of a Rhino, but couldn’t attach it…probably just as well.

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