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I used to blog here. Below you’ll find links to all of my previous blog posts in order of posting. It’s a bit rough and ready, so I’ve taken it upon myself to curate things a little, if you aren’t the type to go diving into long lists of ambiguous links.

Here, then, are a selected favourite few categories for you to explore:

Crappin’ on about the inconsequential – In which I surrender to the urge to rant, make a few gags and generally indulge my random creative whims.

I Would Like to Recommend These People’s Writing – What it says on the tin. Good writing and such by people whose work you should know about.

Why Do You Write Poetry? – For a few years there I asked that question of a number of practising poets, mostly Australian but not always. Here’s what they said.

Poetry Mixtape – These’ll come up in the I Would Like to Recommend… category too, but these are specific lists of a handful of poems that had caught my eye around the same time, with tiny reviews and commentaries attached.

Rejected – For a while there I kept close, public score of how many of my poems were getting rejected, and by who, just so that the standard process of posting “hey look I got published!” blogs had some kind of counterweight.

People who are nice enough to publish me – thoughts and feels about the times when people were nice enough &c &c

Beware the full unexpurgated blog archive from beyond the grave of DOOM

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