Man Bites Dog

Man Bites Dog is out of print. It is also no longer available for download as an ebook.

I have recently come to reconsider the parts of this book that depict and describe a comic strip that draws on elements of Hindu culture.

As a cis white man, I recognise the creation and inclusion of these elements in my novel as an act of cultural appropriation. I apologise for my ignorance and insensitivity in creating and including them.

I also apologise for any upset or offense that these elements have caused or will cause. I no longer want to promote this book and have taken steps to remove the ebook from circulation.

I am also taking steps to unpublish versions of the comic strip in question from the other websites it has been published on in the past.

I have left this page on my site to acknowledge my acts, to take responsibility for them, and to apologise for both my acts and their consequences.

4 thoughts on “Man Bites Dog”

  1. Hi Adam,
    I read Man Bites Dog about two years ago and it is still my fave book. I am a big fan of Australian literature from Patrick White to Vanessa Berry and still MBD is at the top. I’m not trying to be too much of a sycophant, but I was wondering if you were planning on writing anything else in the format of a novel? Not trying to discredit the other mediums that you work with, just wondering.

    1. Hi Jim – wow, I don’t know what’s more exciting – that you like my writing more than Patrick White, or that you like it more than Vanessa Berry!

      But seriously, yes, I am working on a novel, but i’ve been very slow about it. As all good procrastinating writers say, life gets in the way sometimes. I have been occupied with lots of other not-writing things in recent years, and my time constraints have meant that I’ve been mostly only able to squeeze out the odd poem, zine or short story (or blog entry), but fingers crossed things will get a little less hectic soon – or I’ll get more organised – and finish this damn novel.

      thanks for your comment!

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