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So I wrote a new poem today

and I really think it’s a good one so I sent it off to a few magazines and lets see what they all say right? And all of the automatic responses from submittable came back bam bam bam bam which

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Donna Noble Has Been Saved (On The Radio)

Earlier this week I had a poem on RRR’s Breakfast show as part of their “Genius Squad” feature. My old buddy alicia sometimes is doing a regular feature in that slot, and for this particular instalment she decided to talk

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Bessie Smith and the Pretty Kitties

(Michael Ondaatje vs. alicia sometimes) At first she refused to sing. But here she was. A long brown dress, with fringes. Fred Longshaw at the piano. I slip by the mike, throw trashed words into laps. my bass is chalk.

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Postcards from Ivy: Part 2

With November receding far into the distance – how was THAT for a December that got a bunch of chemicals dumped on it in the middle of a lightning storm, hah? – it’s time to reflect upon the remainder of

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Postcards from Ivy – Part 1

In late October Ivy Alvarez put the call out to poets to send her one poem a week on a postcard throughout November, in return for which she would do the same. I was interested in the idea, not only

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Malakh lands himself in trouble. Abdiel acts indifferently during a movie date with Gabriel. Metatron defends Sachiel’s decision to breastfeed in public. Uriel promises to watch Arariel in the sprint race. Urania is desperate to fall pregnant. Sachiel discovers that

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…and for a moment

we are timeless infinite eternal magnificent until we drift back to earth together sated angels in mutual embrace

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