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Published: Anti-RomCom Pop Song

This was a while ago but in the interests of full disclosure my anti-romcom poem, “Anti-RomCom Pop Song” came out in Australian Poetry Journal 5.1 back in July. Which was nice.

I wrote the poem after listening to a Wombats album on repeat for a day and discovering that, rather than being the whimsical and charming popsters they came across as when half-listening to them in the radio, they were rather more entitled young men smugly unaware of their male privilege than I’m comfortable with.

Anyway it was great to see it in print, and to be sharing pages with the likes of David McCooey’s meditations on Elvis and Joni Mitchell, Allis Hamilton’s retelling of the Pied Piper story, Chloe Wilson’s plague doctor poem and Jane Frank’s sobering yet forgiving take on middle age and domesticity.

You can buy a copy of APJ5.1 on the Australian Poetry website, or if you prefer you can read it online – the whole damn thing is also on the APJ site free for the taking ( including my contribution, which is here).

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On a Role

The Director of Victory kept the future in mind.
The moon’s bad luck gave the writers a tool.
They ran the website and loaned out their tears.
The money was endless where they lived.

No writer knows how to work with people.
They were moving against the pull of tragedy.
They hired an understudy to their frustration.
Progress only led to more mess.

They wrote for tabloids and stick mags
and waited for an end to Victory.

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Our New Blog: Poem Monday

For the last few Mondays Oonagh and I have been writing poems together. We pick a topic and then write one poem each, reading them out to the family when we’re done.

Our first poems were about blue hamburger fish.

You can check them out over at our Poem Monday blog, and stay tuned for more poems every Monday from now on.

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So I wrote a new poem today

and I really think it’s a good one so I sent it off to a few magazines and lets see what they all say right?

And all of the automatic responses from submittable came back bam bam bam bam which is great that’s using automated systems in a smart way all of the autoreplies very kind and polite and based on all of those kind autoreplies it looks like I’m not going to know whether any of them want this poem UNTIL JUNE AT THE VERY EARLIEST.

Oh and PS in the meantime please don’t publish it on your blog or we don’t want it any more.

Like I said I’m pretty proud of this wee poem and I’m jonesing to get some kind of reader response about it and it’d be great to have it published in print somewhere or even dare I say it get paid for it too but hot damn that’s a long time to have to wait for anyone to see the freakin’ thing.

I get it, I mean, but I’m just sayin’.

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Donna Noble Has Been Saved (On The Radio)

Earlier this week I had a poem on RRR’s Breakfast show as part of their “Genius Squad” feature. My old buddy alicia sometimes is doing a regular feature in that slot, and for this particular instalment she decided to talk about Doctor Who and poetry. As you do.

This, naturally, led her to contact me to ask if I had any poems about the Doctor. To which I said, sure, pointing her in the direction of Whose Doctor? Reflections on a Time Lord, which features my poem “Donna Noble Has Been Saved”.

alicia asked if there might’ve been a recording of the spoken word event that the collection was based on, and I said hang on a mo, sneaking that lunchtime into an empty teleconferencing room at work and recording the sucker on me phone like I was in the future or something.

I wasn’t expecting the breakfasters to work the TARDIS’s trademark wheezing, groaning sound effect in at the start of the poem, nor was I expecting that funky, moog-y, swingin’ version of the theme song to accompany my words, but hey – I think it works.

Have a listen – hope you like it, and if you’re inclined to read along with your post hoc breakfast poetry about Doctor Who, don’t forget that you can score yourself a copy of Whose Doctor? in a range of ebook formats from Tomely (.epub and .mobi only) and Smashwords (pretty much any format you can think of).

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Bessie Smith and the Pretty Kitties

(Michael Ondaatje vs. alicia sometimes)

At first she refused to sing. But here she was. A long brown dress, with fringes. Fred Longshaw at the piano.

I slip by the mike, throw trashed words into laps.
my bass is chalk. the dearth of the carpet shows,
especially on the sad ones with grenade smiles.

She wore wings. They raised themselves with her arms each time she coaxed a phrase. The feathers black as the Steinway. You should have been there.

my words are mint. the cigarettes heckle for space.
I’m lost for stage wit. more porn dancing
in the corners and record men with old pens.
when the chorus comes I’m found out like a junkie.

When she returned she brought out the band. They were glad to have arrived on Earth, but they too had hoped for Havana. By midnight her voice was even better. She talked more between songs.

counting the heads. how many have the potential to love me?
too many shoes have been used as belts. this ending is pastry.
the feedback is messing with my encore.

We stood like sudden wheat.

I wait for the rider so I can give it to someone else

But she could not hear us.

this isn’t poetry

She could not see us

but it’s too wet for rock ‘n’ roll

Then she died again.

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Postcards from Ivy: Part 2

With November receding far into the distance – how was THAT for a December that got a bunch of chemicals dumped on it in the middle of a lightning storm, hah? – it’s time to reflect upon the remainder of my poetic postcard correspondence with Ms. Ivy Alvarez. So here are some more poemstcards for your perusal and handwriting interpretation (PS – here’s part one).

I can’t speak for Ivy, but I continued to bodge up drafts of existing poems for these cards, making it less of a generate-new-work project as a revision-of-old-work project, but writing is writing and I do precious little enough of it at the best of times, so I’m going to call this a win, even though I was egregiously late with my cards a couple of times.

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Postcards from Ivy – Part 1

(click for embiggenation)

In late October Ivy Alvarez put the call out to poets to send her one poem a week on a postcard throughout November, in return for which she would do the same. I was interested in the idea, not only because of its promise of delivering brand new I. Alvarez poems straight to my mailbox, but also for the inspiration it would hopefully give me to write some new poems myself, and to  discuss them critically with Ivy. A sort of workshop-by-mail, if you will.

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new poems


Malakh lands himself in trouble.
Abdiel acts indifferently during a movie date with Gabriel.
Metatron defends Sachiel’s decision to breastfeed in public.
Uriel promises to watch Arariel in the sprint race.

Urania is desperate to fall pregnant.
Sachiel discovers that she cannot access Metatron’s money.
Raphael apologises to Zurchol for his accusations.
With no money and no job, Zephon is desperate.

Hashmallim declares war on Abdiel.
Adonai is not happy being tutored by his girlfriend.
Michael helps Uzziel to become comfortable with her sexuality.
Sachiel decides to take Metatron home for good.

Gabriel humiliates Urania.
Zephon frantically works on her typing skills.
Sandalphon suspects Gabriel likes Duma more than she likes him.
Metatron’s first day at home is a difficult one.

Gabriel finally talks to his dream girl.
Uriel discovers a disappointing truth about Abdiel.
Sachiel struggles to adjust, but stands by Metatron.
Zephon continues to fool Ithuriel.

Ophaniel forges Metatron’s signature.
Abdiel tells Adonai that her father is using him.
Sandalphon is shocked when Urania is wheeled into intensive care.
Gabriel discovers that his dream girl is a hippie.