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Published (almost, not really): Whitmore Press Manuscript Prize

A while ago I went away by myself for a weekend to work up a couple of poetry manuscripts for some prizes, one of which was the Whitmore Press Manuscript Prize. I was pretty happy with what I walked away

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Rejected: Nyan Cats, Football, Clocks, Moments, The Number 2 & Beeps.

Four more of my poetries were rejunkted by the folks at Overland, this time “If We Detached the Hands of the Town Hall Clock From Its Internal Mechanism and Let Gravity Have Its Way”, “…and for a moment”, “After the

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Rejected: robots, slams, questions, my daughter, beeps, cowboys, zombies, sorrow, &c, &c

Recently: cordite‘s Interlocutor issue rejected that old untitled “you start to ask a question…” thing, as well as “Again!” and “After the Beep”, which I thought all suited the theme quite nicely, but there you go. I swear I’m going

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Reject ALL the Poems!

Attention conservation notice: I had a bunch of poems rejected by a bunch of journals. Keywords: poetry, rejection, persistence, Antipodes, Meanjin, Overland, Wet Ink, Island, The New Yorker, Poetry, The Josephine Ulrick Poetry Prize Word count: 1152 words Hokay, time

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Going Down Swinging has a blog!

The lovely people at Going Down Swinging launched their new whiz-bang website a couple of weeks back. It’s the latest electronic incarnation of the beast first set up way back in the early ’00s, and it features a bunch of

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Review: Blue

It’s not really news to anyone that Pat Grant’s graphic novel Blue is a good’un – he’s had great press both here in Australia and overseas. That said, I have a review of Blue that I originally wrote for The Monthly,

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Rejected: Beeps, Responses and The Number Two

Last week the Age knocked back a couple of my poems: “Response”, a perhaps-a-little-obvious poem about artistic responses to terrorism, and “Second Comes Right After First”, the poem I wrote (but didn’t perform) for the Victorian final of the 2011

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It was like his engine ran on a purified distillation of puns and dad jokes. He would derail any conversation for the sake of a synonym or the chance to construct nonexistent etymological bridges across the chasms between unrelated concepts, leaving his unwilling audience mute and grimacing while he chuckled and snorted at his own egregious wordplay. . . . #machinerobo #roddrill #screwhead #gobots #actionfigureportraits #actionfigurephotography
No-one had seen her since graduation. And then, one Saturday, almost nine years to the day, she was sitting at the front bar of The Matrix, chatting with old Anders, her fingers curved around a glass of Infinity. She looked up at us, huddled in the doorway, and nodded. Half of the rumours about her died in that moment. People doubled down on the remaining half, of course, and the void left by the disproven half was quickly filled by speculation about her arm, which none of us ever managed the courage to ask her about. . . . #machinerobo #mr07 #gobots #supercarrobo #gobotsturbo
Dad was never a snappy dresser but you could always tell he was making an effort. Even though he lived two towns over he always came to every game, every recital and every awards night. He never missed a single one. . . . #zybots #xybots #explorer #transformersknockoff #actionfigurephotography
The lilt in her voice was the tinkle of distant bells and her wings were dappled patches of sunlight. “I’m not worried at all,” she said. “With the children’s belief and the will of the forest we have everything we need to defeat this terrible new menace.” . . . #mossman #mastersoftheuniverseclassics #mastersoftheuniverse #tinkerbell #peterpan #jmbarrie #mossmanmania