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Published: One Weird Reason to Quit Your Novel Today

I have an “ideas piece” over on Writers Bloc today. It’s about a thing that happened in my brain about a month or two ago where I decided to finally stop writing the novel I’ve been working on for ten

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Happy Birthday to YOU (again)!

Another year ticks over and it’s once again time for a birthday ebook sale. Last year I offered a 50% discount on my ebook poetry collection and novel for 41 hours, but this year I’m going one better (and by

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From the vaults: Kevin the Fucked-Up Goldfish

He hung there, floating in the murky water thinking fishy thoughts. He was Kevin the Fucked-Up Goldfish. His tank sat on top of the fridge filled with cigarette butts, beer bottle tops, a little red Lego man, gravel from the

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Proof of Launch #2

This Sunday gone was the family-friendly midafternoon Castlemaine launch for The Third Fruit is A Bird. Midafternoon so that it would a) dovetail nicely with the monthly Farmers and Artists’ markets in town and b) not be too incompatible with

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