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Greetings from the abandoned Goldfields of Central Victoria and how have you been?

It’s cold tonight and I’m rediscovering my love for Star Trek: Deep Space 9. Here are some things what I did or am going to have done.

ce65ba15-78e0-4a5d-8b08-24e7b0b62cbfCome spell with me!

On 18 May I’ll be reprising my role as MC of Castlemaine Library’s famous Adult Spelling Bee (as in it’s for adults, not that you have to spell naughty words…).

So if you fancy your lexicographical skills, come along to the show and strut your stuff. And maybe win some prizes. Or just watch other people spell things. Either way it’s a bit of a hoot.

Adult Spelling Bee
Thursday 18 May @ 5.30pm
Castlemaine Library
Free entry – bookings essential

S-e-e y-o-u t-h-e-r-e.

06ff6cdd-6d56-4ed5-a293-556673d18dbeAlso I made a zine!

You may be aware of Jutchy Ya Ya, the irregular zine I have been making since the turn of the century. I made a new one. It’s the 49th one I’ve made. I am quite proud of it.

It’s got some ramblings about a picture book I was given when I was in kindergarten, a thing about Dylan Thomas, some literary jetpack mashups and a letter I once sent to AS Byatt. It’s also free.

There’s an electronic version of it (and previous issues) over at, but if you want an actual paper one you can pick it up from one of the locations listed on my website. Or just get in touch through this newsletter.

As of last week it’s also available through Small Zine Volcano, a zine distro that distributes free zines. The way it works is:

  1. you send them a little bit of money
  2. they fill an envelope with as many free zines as can be sent back to you for that amount of money.

I just dropped 50 Jutchy Ya Ya 49s off with Luke yesterday arvo, so the next 50 envelopes coming out from SZV should have one of them in it.

f35274bc-df45-4664-b9b1-3337ef7af28bHousekeeping stuff

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Comments, criticisms and suggestions can go to I’m also at and

This was written on Dja Dja Wurrung Country.

Thanks for reading.


One comment on “Adam’s Occasional Poetry News
  1. michael mantlo says:

    If you’re thinking about publishing POEM: Spaceknight as a complete work, I’d love to get a copy to present to my brother, Bill Mantlo! I believe he would thoroughly enjoy this! Thank you for your passion for ROM! –Mike Mantlo

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