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I didn’t know this when I started writing Aramis Fox, but there’s a wrestler out there who’s got the same name as my twitter account: AR Fox. I found this out when fans of his started “@”-ing me.

Like a lot of people on twitter, I keep close track of when other people mention me, so I was onto it pretty quick when the @arfox notifications icon started getting all red-number-y. Who could it be, mentioning my little twitter fiction experiment? I wondered. What could I have done to have merited mild accolades from random people (or possibly my friends) on the social media? 

Short answer: nothing.

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Reviewed: Secrets of the Photocopier vs. Jutchy Ya Ya #48

David Prater just posted up a review of
all of the reviews his latest poetry book, Leaves of Glass, received in 2014
, noting that even though there were only 5 for the year, that’s a pretty good swag for a book of contemporary Australian poetry.

Many books never get so many as that. That they’re all effusively complementary, and placed in undeniably venerable journals, is certainly a bonus, David says.

It got me thinking about the world of the zinemaker and the even more precarious likelihood of anyone ever reviewing your work ever, ever. David may be rightfully stoked to have scored 5x reviews for his poetry book in a single year, but from my perspective I’m 100x more stoked when I hear about even one review of any of my zines in a single year.

No matter whether it’s negative or positive, the simple acknowledgement of existence that’s embodied in a zine review always leaves me with a warm glow. Hence this link to Secrets of the Photocopier’s review of Jutchy Ya Ya #48.

Elle may have concluded that my zine is trying so hard to be nice, quirky and humble that it ends up being smug and annoying, but I’m of the school of thought that this conclusion is largely a matter of taste, choosing instead to be pleased that someone took the time to read one of my zines carefully and with deliberation, describing it in enough detail that any independent reader of the resulting review could easily make their own mind up about whether or not to risk the time and effort it might take to chase down a copy so they could experience Jutchy Ya Ya #48 for themselves.

Which you can also do by clicking here, if you’re so inclined.

Edit: Elle read this and got in touch to clarify with me that she doesn’t think I’m trying to be nice – she thinks I am nice, which can still be annoying all the same. Which I totally understand and which is also very sweet of her.

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Links for Sunday: Heat Vision & Jack, Supergirl, Muhammad Ali and Melinda Smith

A Very Special Episode presents “Heat Vision & Jack”
The Onion’s AV club looks back at Heat Vision & Jack, the unaired pilot starring Jack Black and Owen Wilson as a superintelligent astronaut and his talking motorbike.

Supergirl Lego Minifig 
Supergirl Lego minifig! Eeeeeeeeeee!!

Muhammad Ali Reads his Poem about the Attica Riots live on Irish TV
What it said up there.

Pitt Street Poetry – Melinda Smith
Remember that whole Prime Minister’s Litareary Awards muckamuck a while back? With the dual winners and the hoohah about the PM telling the judges who shoulda won? Hands up if you can tell me who won the poetry award? Anyway I’ll just tell you. It was Canberra poet Melinda Smith. Here’s a sample from her book, Drag Down to Unlock or Place an Emergency Call. And here’s her blog.

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Links for Sunday: Bullshit Jobs, BAE, #writingwhilefemale and Twine Games

On the Phenomenon of Bullshit Jobs
This is one possible answer to the intriguing question “why do people who have tangible jobs get paid so much less than people who have jobs where it’s impossible to explain what they actually do?”

Chainsawsuit – Tire King is your BAE
Speaking of bullshit jobs, this is kind of what my job is like, sometimes.

Female authors share their “special” experiences with everyday literary sexism.

Twine – The Video Game Technology for All
Twine is this free software that lets you make text-based games, kind of choose-your-own-adventure-y, zorky kind of things. Here’s an interview with Porpentine, creator of the hit Twine game Howling Dogs (which you really must play), which has lots of links to other games too (which you really also must also play).


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Poemix: Poem of Self Hatred

Words by me. Pictures by the stupendous Peter Savieri.


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Poemix: Solo Flight

SoloFlight@0 Words by me. Pictures by the amazing Shags.

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Happy Anniversary

[So here’s that scifi romcom story I had in
Desktop magazine a little while back. You can download a .pdf of it for later-on-readableness or read the whole 2737 words now. Your choice.]

10 characters for the title, 55 characters for body text and a thirty-by-thirty thumbnail – that’s all you get on a station ticket reader. Plenty of space for the logo and a brief note about your ticket status. Not so much if you’re trying to squeeze a poem on there. To be frank, and with sincere apologies to any poets out there, you gotta do some radical surgery if you want that poem to fit.

The screen pixelates a little as the drone zooms its camera in on the platform, then comes good. I can make her out in the crowd from her bottle-green coat and her pigtails. She’s standing in line behind two other commuters, waiting to scan her ticket. Just in case she needs to recharge, I’ve got a 500-char version with a 150-square pic loaded up and ready for the recharge machine. The poem reads better at that length, but the ticket reader is just the first hack. I’ve built in some redundancy.

I met Kim a year and a half ago at Aaron’s birthday party. I’d seen her around campus but never spoken to her. She was going on a placement to Korea so there was a kind of no-strings-attached air about everything. By the time she was ready to leave I drove her to the airport. Six months later I was waiting for her at Arrivals. It all happened pretty quickly from there on.

My tablet bleeps and a new window pops up to show the text and images as they’re appearing on the ticket reader’s screen. I concentrate on the camera feed. There’s no sign she’s noticed anything – her body language is all commuter as she wanders onto the platform and reaches into her bag for her phone. I switch off the reader and ticket machine poems and scroll through the task list for the social media stuff.

I got the poem online – googled up a poet with a blog whose stuff was kind of sweet and easy to read. I didn’t want to nick something – I wanted something just for us. So I outsourced. If you want something done right you hire a professional – that’s what they keep telling us at school. I figure that’s true for art as well as programming.

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