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[Being an excerpt from the poetry collection Not Quite the Man for the Job, on sale at Tomely for only 99c until 23 June 2014] The cup thunks back onto the table, empty, & the bean races through your blood,

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You said, “Don’t you go using this in One of your poems.” Consider this an apology. Read more poems from Not Quite the Man for the Job – buy it now on Tomely for the mere price of 99c!

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Why Do You Write Poetry? – Frank X. Walker

Another month, another answer, hey? This time we’re favoured by US poet Frank X. Walker, whose Turn Me Loose: The Unghosting of Medgar Evers I was fortunate enough to read earlier this year. Great stuff – powerful, political historical poetry

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Chipping In Late on Plagiarism in Poetry

Speaking of coming to things late: I know it’s two-month-old news and thus completely forgotten and assumed to be done and dusted, but I wanted to chip in quickly with some random thoughts on the recent poetry plagiarism “scandal”, which

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Why Do You Write Poetry? – Robbie Coburn

(photo by Sébastien Wiertz. Used under Creative Commons.) And in The Blue Corner, weighing in at something something pounds, Robbie Coburn reflects upon the question of poetry and why one might write it. “Poetry photographs parts of life and humanity,”

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Poetry Mixtape for July 2013

Wow been a while hey? Anyway here’s a bunch of poems I’ve found on the internodes that me likey. Alex Skovron – The Rearrangement Inside each field the books will be arranged by Height, or Alphabet, or Colour – I’m

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Why Do You Write Poetry? – joanne burns

Hot off the blog is ANOTHER reply to my curly question about why poets poetecise, this time a very thoughtful and honest reply about struggling to find new things to say, by one of my longtime favourite poets, joanne burns,

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