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Torpedo 6: The Bullet

The latest output from those avian simians at Falcon vs. Monkey is Torpedo 6, aka The Bullet. It’s chockers with good comic love (and the occasional short story) by many excellent comickal types from around the globe. Standouts for me

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Interview: RN Book Show on Torpedo

This morning I was on Radio National’s Book Show as part of “Fishing for Richard Brautigan”, a feature put together by Sarah L’Estrange about the Richard Brautigan issue of Torpedo, along with Torpedo editor Chris Flynn, contributors Caren Beilin and

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Torpedo #4

I just got my copy of Torpedo #4 in the mail, the Brautigan issue – a tribute to the work of Richard Brautigan. They accepted my poem, ‘A Timid Work Friendship’, for publication, which is an amazing compliment considering one

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