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Links for Sunday: The relevance of Indigeneity, Candyland, recursive games, book murder, & Nilsson

Being a list of things I found in the interwebs that I thought were pretty good and all…

Only When Relevant…
The always excellent Luke Pearson wants to know exactly when someone’s Indigeneity is relevant and when it isn’t – and who gets to decide, anyway? This is definitely worth reading through to the end, especially for the neat graph.

Existential Comics – Candyland
I’ve never played Candyland, but now that I’ve seen Camus and Satre play it, I kind of want to.

Entire Screen of One Game
“you can’t win the game. it exists only to destroy your mind.” And yet you must play it.

Murdering A Book
Warren Ellis trumps the book-as-sculpture metaphor with something much more apt: something along the lines nailing bits of wood to a giant mutant tapeworm that you pulled out of your arse. Except it’s funnier when he says it.

Nilsson sings Skidoo (video)
And then there was the time Harry Nilsson sang the entire closing credits of that one movie.


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Review: Literature – Unsuccessfully Competing Against TV Since 1953

Couple weeks back I was on Aural Text with hosts alicia sometimes and Lorin Clarke, gabbing about Dave Kellet’s Sheldon webcomic, specifically the Literature – Unsuccessfully Competing Against TV Since 1953 collection, which collects all of the words-and-books-themed strips into one volume.

As Kurt Vonnegut has so eloquently said in the past, Listen:

I was a little unsure about blogging this one. On listening back I have to admit I think I flubbed my answer to alicia’s question about where Sheldon sits within the world of comics. If I had my druthers I’d go back and have another go at answering that by simply pointing out the prevalance of webcomics and maybe delineating between webcomics that fit more into the comic book mold, and those that fit more into the comic strip mold, of which Sheldon is an excellent example.

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