Jutchy Ya Ya

The rules for making an issue of Jutchy Ya Ya are simple. Fill eight pages with whatever comes into my head. Try to get an issue done as quickly as possible.

If you want one in print, you can leave a comment below and we can sort something out, I’m sure. You could also head to issuu.com to read them online. I think you have to sign up to look at the stuff on issuu, but it’s free otherwise, and there are heaps of other zines over there too.

Click on the masthead of the issue below that you want to check out.

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Jutchy Ya Ya 49 – a letter to AS Byatt, literary jetpacks, obstreporous kites and underappreciated blog posts.

Jutchy Ya Ya 48
– Beowulf, Tolkien, the etymology of Bendigo, the gods of writing, common children’s mispronounciations, and the literary canon pulpified.

Screen Shot 2014-08-09 at 11.31.17 pm

Jutchy Ya Ya 47 – That time I interviewed Tori Amos, random facts about narwhals and pangolins, the great narwhal vs. pangolin battle, an email exchange with futurist and YA author Cory Doctorow and a heap of disclaimers to sift through for easter eggs.

Jutchy Ya Ya 46 – Musings about my late-in-life aquisition of the proclivity to wear hats upon my head, more photos of myself than I’ve run in one of my own zines for some time, some tips on hat etiquette and a quiz testing said tips, plus some stuff about Howard Jones.

Jutchy Ya Ya 44 – an exploration of the multiple applications of everyone’s favourite dummy text for layout testing, applying it to everything from comics to SMSes.

Jutchy Ya Ya 43 – A casual online search for a toy I used to love turns into an expose of obsession and deception. Also: bureaucracy and the creative arts.

Jutchy Ya Ya 42 – Plaques and signs that I have known, getting up to speed with contemporary dinosaur science, fish fingers on the rampage and favourite albums of 2010.

Jutchy Ya Ya 41 - Forgettin' 'bout the ghetto and rappin' for the pop charts

Jutchy Ya Ya 41 – Twitter, Christmas, apostrophes, space station mishaps, things I know nothing about, zine reviews and guest appearances from Ferris Bueller, Andre Gregory and The Venerable Bede.

Jutchy Ya Ya - Sailing with a cargo full of love and devotion

Jutchy Ya Ya 40 – the homeowner issue. Lawnmowers I have known, misplaced chickens, how to clip a bird’s wings, correspondence with Wally Gotye and how to change a motorcycle into a Spider-Man robot.


Jutchy Ya Ya 39 – revisiting It Couldn’t Happen Here, the Pet Shop Boys’ 1987 arthouse film tour de force, considering the issue of discrimination in Lucy Cousins’s Maisy children’s book series, setting clocks forward to fool ourselves, ASIO and typos, and a closer look at Bears on Wheels.


Jutchy Ya Ya 38 – the breakfast issue. Tips on how to make commuting and breakfast less contradictory, comic artists’ inspirations and the history of videogames.


Jutchy Ya Ya 37 – the list issue. Fish & chips, Facebook, the ways that I love thee, animals my daughter knows the names of and Richard Flanagan’s The Unknown Terrorist.

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