Poetry being the oral form that it is, it’s always nice to hear a poem read aloud. Below are some links at which you can hear me – and others – performing my work, as well as links to podcast interviews I’ve done over the years.


These are the poems that I’ve recorded, by myself or with the help of others. You can listen to them all in the players below, or if you like you can head over to my Bandcamp page instead.


“It’s classic meet-cute. / He’s a seven-foot cyborg on / a quest to rid the galaxy of an ancient evil. / She’s a small-town girl on her way home from work.”

This was commissioned by the inestimable alicia sometimes for Going Down Swinging‘s The Red Corner project, and produced by Camilla Hannan using “Nonstop”, a track by Kevin McLeod aka Incompetech under a creative commons license.

untitled (“You Said…”)

“You said / Don’t you go using this / in one of your poems…”

I commissioned a recording of this one from my old friend Jack Feerick and I reckon he bloody well nailed it. Gorgeous AM radio jingle vibe.

The Modified B Plan

“The bastards fly. People are dead. We’re on the modified B plan.”

This one was performed by Katy Henriksen when it was published by the wonderful Linebreak, and Katy has given me permission to reproduce it here.

The Battle of Clarendon Street

“It was Cazaly who united them, Cazaly with his coal-black hair and eyes of steel…”

This was part of my final-year animation project, lovingly rendered into voice by the legendary Charles “Bud” Tingwell, who was as sweet and kind as you would expect him to be. You can watch the film that goes with this audio here.

A House is Not a Home!

“You enter the house. / You are in a small room. / You hope you will / be safe in here / from the aliens / disguised as FBI agents.”

I recorded this one on my phone while typing on a loose keyboard and sitting in our car, parked in our driveway at night. I think it worked out okay. It was originally published on the amazing Strange Horizons, both the podcast and the journal, which was nice.

Podcast appearances

Sometimes people ask me to go on their podcasts. Sometimes I ask people if I can go on their podcasts. This is what happens when the answer is “yes”.

Episodes of Death 24 – Boom or Bust

My second appearance on the fabulous Episodes of Death podcast sees me defending one of my favourite Doctor Who stories featuring Christopher Eccleston as the ninth incarnation of The Doctor, part of said defence including the Doctor Who-themed poem, “Take Two”. Listen in wherever you pod, or on the Episodes of Death tumblr.

Poetry Says 92 – And Are You Proud of Me?

Poet Alice Allan and playwright Bridget Mackey track me down to talk about Bridget’s 2018 Melbourne Fringe Festival show, which reflected on the potentially bad influence I had had on her lifestyle choices by virtue of my lionising the bohemian lifestyle in my first collection of poetry. You can listen to the podcast here.

Radioactive Lounge 46 – A Rom by Any Other Name

Lucas, Mitch and Ash invite me onto their long-running comics podcast to quiz me about my 79-poem suite about comic book cyborgs. Features the poems “Arrival” and “The Beginning of the End of the World.” Listen in here.

Episodes of Death 4 – Silver Linings

On this podcast dedicated to arguing the case for the worst Doctor Who stories ever hosts Marian and Lucas and I discuss the hidden virtues of the show’s 25th-anniversary special. Featuring the poem “A Cyberman Encounters Jazz for the First Time”. Listen in here.

Splendid Chaps Twelve/Music

In September 2018 the chaps rematerialised to dicsuss Peter Capaldi’s time with Doctor Who, kindly inviting me to perform my poem about Cybermen and jazz in front of a real actual jazz pianist (no cybermen in sight sadly). You can listen to the podcast here.

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